olay moisturizing cream

These are the best eyeshadows for dark skin, tried and tested Now, there are two methods for selecting eyeshadow colors based on your eye color. You can go for contrast and drama or take the harmonious good self care items route! I teach these strategies in-depth inThe Master Your Eyeshadow Guide because they8217;re vital if your goal is to accentuate your eye color with makeup. This five-shade palette of neutrals can be used to create any day-to-night look. The matte finish is minimal and versatile, and the product is formulates with both minerals and botanical extracts. It doesn’t include a brush, but you don’t need one: as the shades are a powder-to-cream formula you just dab it on with your finger for the best results. Powder-to-cream formulas ensure the colours are easier to blend and, with such an amazing colour pay-off, this palette is the quick, simple smoky eye all-in-one you’ve been looking for.